Community Workshops Lancaster

Lancaster Workshops
(merged with Palmdale for online workshops)

BASIC WORKSHOP - Online using Zoom meetings:
Preregistration required
Held on 3 days as follows:
        — Times are Pacific Time (California)

  • Fri Nov 13
          5pm - 8pm

  • Sat Nov 14
          8pm - 4pm (including 1-hour lunch)

  • Sun Nov 15
          8pm - 4pm (including 1-hour lunch)

— Certificates issued on the last day of the workshop (Sunday).

Stay healthy and safe.

For more information, contact us at 661-942-3025

We are providing workshops via Zoom online meetings. These workshops require participants to use a pc, laptop or tablet capable of handling all Zoom functionality (easier if also using a mouse or similar). Contact us regarding scheduled workshops (from anywhere in the country). Although smart phones work, they are very difficult to use during these workshops and we do not recommend using smart phones for this purpose.




Assistance Implementing This Feature Courtesy of Eddie Stevens

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