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AVP Development in Antelope Valley

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What is AVP?     (About AVP)

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AVP History & Migration

•  Steve Angell Interview

•  Karen Cauble Brings AVP to the West Coast USA

•  Karen Cauble color photo with comments

•  Janet Lugo

•  Janet Lugo color photo with quote

•  Linda Heacock, AP History, AVP in Kenya and Richmond, VA

•  Memorial Note & Biographical Sketch of Larry Apsey

•  Larry Apsey color photo

•  Memorial Note & Biographical Sketch of Maria Rifo

•  Maria Rifo color photo with comment

•  Brief partial biogrpahical sketch of Lee Stern

•  Lee Stern Memorial Peace Awards

•  Lee Stern, A life dedicated to nonviolence

•  Información de Carácter General sobre el PAV (AVP)

•  PAV (AVP) para la Juventud

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•  Country-by-Country Reports at 2006 International Gathering

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Why Take Workshops?     (Testimonials)

Testimonials (page 1)

•  Testimonials 2 (Testimonials 2, or more)

•  Larry's passing, Winter 1997

•  Janet's passing, Winter 2006

•  Dockhorn Interview     (Steve Angell)

•  Martin Account     (Steve Angell)

Testimonials 2

Testimonials (page 2)

•  Why Take Workshops? (Testimonials 1, or previous testimonials page)

Additional Comments

•  Collected Comments (31-page)

•  Overview of AVP

•  Judicious John Letter

•  How AVP Helped My Family

•  Dynamic Derrick Letter

Comments From California Wardens

•  V.M. Almager, Warden, Centinela Letter

•  Deborah L. Patrick, Warden, CCWF Letter

•  Kathy Prosper, Warden, CCC Letter

•  J.F. Salazar, Warden, Chuckawalla Letter

Comentarios en Español

•  Algunos de los Comentarios...Testimonials

•  Comentarios Recogidos (31-page)

Recidivism Impact

•  Three-Year Recidivism Study - Delaware (11-page)

•  PAV en Delaware: Un Tres-Año Estudio (2-page)

How You Can Assist Us

Documentos en españolde las Maneras de Asistir

•  Maneras de Asistir

•  Bilingûes Necesitaron

Many Ways You Can Assist

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•  Transport Facilitators and Participants     (view topic)

•  Provide Lodging for Facilittors Traveling to Help Us     (view topic)

•  Provide Facilities Space for Holding Workshops     (view topic)

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Prison Video


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•  Pat Hardy Segment only     (.mp3 audio)

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•  Good Radio Shows, Inc. & Peace Talks Radio

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•  AVP-Liberia Development - Paynesville Group (slide show)

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Photo Galleries - Plain Views Menu


•  AVP-Liberia Development - Paynesville Group (view photos)

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Our Projects

Projects of AVP - Antelope Valley

- Antelope Valley Community Project:

•  Workshops

•  Mini-Workshops

- Prison Project:

•  CCI-Tehachapi

Project to which We Provide Facilitation Assistance

- Community Groups:

•  New Beginning Outreach Foundation (partner with AVPAV)

•  Paving the Way Foundation, Inc. (partner with AVPAV)

- Other Prison Projects:

•  CSATF-Corcoran & CIW-chino

Unofficial Projects

•  AVP-Liberia Development (unofficial project)

Current Program Development

•  Teen Summits (Contact AVHRC)

   also Tapesty (diversity)

   also Antelope Valley Mediation

•  Neighborhood Houses (Contact the City of Lancaster)

•  Antelope Valley YouthBuild

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Documentos en español

Un número limitado de documentos se ha traducido a español. (Perdone por favor las traducciones incorrectas, como estos documentos fueron traducidos usando Microsoft Word.) Estos documentos se pueden encontrar en las páginas siguientes:

(más son necesarios)
Si usted quisiera asistirnos proporcionando traducciones correctas o traduciendo documentos adicionales, para entrarnos en contacto con por favor por el email (en inglés) y para dar su información del contacto. El español se proporciona sobre todo para uso de la gente de habla hispana de la pendiente mexicana.

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