Our Projects

Projects of AVP - Antelope Valley

• Antelope Valley Community Project

      • Workshops

      • Mini-Workshops

• Prison Project

      • CAC-California City

      • LAC-Lancaster

      • CCI-Tehachapi

Please note that facilitators from other groups in Southern California frequently assist by facilitating in the above workshops.

Projects to which We Provide Facilitation Assistance

• Community Groups

      • New Beginning Outreach Foundation (partner with AVPAV)

      • Paving the Way Foundation, Inc. (partner with AVPAV)

• Other Prison Projects

      • CSATF-Corcoran & CIW-Chino

Unofficial Projects

• Misc.

      • Valuable People Project

• International

      • AVP-Liberia Development Project
        ( information coordination between interested people and organizations;
          plan to be on the ground in Liberia in 2012 )

Current Program Development

The following potential development areas include projects we have worked with before, and plan to continue or resume, or may include projects we have agreed to consider or assist with. Some are groups who intend to partner with AVP - Antelope Valley at some point.

• Teen Summits - In the past, AVPAV has participated in many Teen Summits throughout Antelope Valley, then sponsored by the Antelope Valley Human Relations Task Force (now the AV Human Relations Commission). These consist of mini-workshop style vignettes, with high school students participating in exercises based on AVP.
        Teen Summits (Contact AVHRC)

• Tapestry - AVPAV has been chosen as a program Tapestry wishes to utilize in conjunction with their diversity-oriented program, sponsored by a Task Force of the City of Lancaster.

• Antelope Valley Mediation - Currently, a partnership between AVPAV and AV Mediation is being developed, in which both staff and clients are expected to be referred to participate in AVP workshops in the capacity of skills building and other.

• Neighborhood Houses - AVPAV will be working with Antelope Valley Partners for Health (AVPH) in conjunction with the efforts of the Neighborhood House program of the City of Lancaster's Redevelopment Agency (LRA) in Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization. AVPAV's role is yet to be determined. AVPAV is a project of AVPH for programs within the Antelope Valley and the purvue of AVPH.
        Neighborhood Houses (Contact the City of Lancaster)

• YouthBuild - The founding of a YouthBuild chapter in Antelope Valley was spearheaded by Rossie Johnson, one of the founders of AVPAV. In the past, Diana Couch of AVPAV has provided tutoring for YouthBuild students (separate from specific AVPAV activities). YouthBuild works with at risk youth who are no longer in the regular school system, but still need to complete a high school education and prepare for college. YouthBuild is planning to partner with AVPAV in the future to provide skills enhancement for students.
        Antelope Valley YouthBuild

• California State Prison - Lancaster - Tentative plans for opening an ongoing workshop program at CSP Lancaster (LAC) are under discussion. This has been made possible after these last several years due to changes in prison populations' length of stay, etc.
        CDCR-LAC Web Site

Documentos en español

Un número limitado de documentos se ha traducido a español. (Perdone por favor las traducciones incorrectas, como estos documentos fueron traducidos usando Microsoft Word.) Estos documentos se pueden encontrar en las páginas siguientes:

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Si usted quisiera asistirnos proporcionando traducciones correctas o traduciendo documentos adicionales, para entrarnos en contacto con por favor por el email (en inglés) y para dar su información del contacto. El español se proporciona sobre todo para uso de la gente de habla hispana de la pendiente mexicana.

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