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Early Years

AVP - Antelope Valley was founded in 2005 by Rossie Johnson, Diana Couch and Doug Couch to provide workshops in Lancaster, Palmdale, and the surrounding area, in association with AVP-California and AVP-USA, Inc. Early workshops in Antelope Valley included those facilitated in a private home, in facilities on church property, in nonprofit buildings such as the Boys and Girls Club, and in facilities part of St. Joseph Manor's home for single mothers. AVP-Antelope Valley participated with Maxine Shiltz and Linda Vasquez in the early work of this project, both of whom helped promote AVP workshops and provided facilities. Gradually, we worked with individuals in the Greater Los Angeles Area, notably Judy Walker, and as far away as San Luis Rey, as well as with other AVP groups in Santa Monica, Pasadena and Claremont, and Mike Stapleton from Tucson, Arizona.


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This men's prison at Tehachapi has been an awesome experience for all who go.  We have terrific inmate facilitators and always have a positive experience.  Workshops last Fri - Sun, leaving Lancaster around 1:00pm Fri and returning around 7:00pm Sunday.  AVP California covers food and lodging so you just need to bring yourself.  Call Diana to get clearance papers at least 2 months before the workshop.  Requires you have a current TB Test. 

CLEARANCE (required for those with no brown card)

If you plan on facilitating any workshop at CCI between now and April (subject to change, call for current information) and don't have a brown card, you will need to:

  1. have a current TB test (within one year of going into the prison)
  2. fill in the TB test form
  3. have your doctor sign the TB test form
  4. fill in the visiting form (blue form.pdf)

The prison must receive this information by the 20th of the month previous to your going in and clearance will be good through the end of April 2012.

ORIENTATION (Brown Card Training)

Once a year, we have an orientation at Tehachapi.  It is a class with other administrative staff sometime in September from 7:30am- 3:00pm after which you will receive a brown card that will allow you to come to and from workshops without having to go through the Visiting Center and metal detectors.  If you plan on coming 3 or more times through the year to facilitate, and can attend this orientation (they won't have the September date until next month.), you will need to fill in the 11-page orientation form.

You will also need to take a TB test and have your doctor fill in the paperwork (TB Test).  Your TB test is current for one year.  If you have one that is current, just ask your doctor to fill in the paperwork and attach a copy of your TB test.  We are required to send any updates to TB test to our sponsor at the prison throughout the year your brown card is in effect. 

It wouldn't hurt to fill in the Visiting Form (Blue Form) also as it is possible our current brown cards will expire before the orientation.

If you plan on facilitating any workshop at CCI between now and April 2012 and don't have a brown card, you will need to:

  1. have a current TB test (within one year of going into the prison)
  2. fill in the TB test form
  3. have your doctor sign the TB test form
  4. fill in the visiting form (blue form.pdf)
  5. fill in the 11-page orientation form

Forms:  OrientationTB TestBlue Form

Please send all the information to me:  The sooner the better.

Diana Couch

43759 15th St. West #22, Lancaster, Ca. 93534

Call Diana at 661-942-3025 to help you answer any questions on the forms.  E-mail Diana at avpav@aol.com regarding your intentions to get a brown card or just to facilitate so I can expect your paperwork.  When I get a date for the orientation, we can firm up everything.  (Note:  orientation is usually on a Wednesday)


  1. Palmdale-Lancaster Parolee Orientation meetings provide an opportunity to serve with us in the community.

  2. We are currently operating in three prisons monthly, doing workshops in two yards each month, for a typical total of 6 prison workshops per month, in addition to one or more workshops in the community.

    1. • CCI - California Correctional Institute, Tehachapi, CA
    2. • CAC - California City Correctional Facility, California City, CA
    3. • LAC - California State Prison, Los Angeles County, Lancaster, CA
    4. • Community workshops at the Neighborhood House, Palmdale, CA


Note: One of the co-founders of AVP - Antelope Valley, Rossie Johnson, also founded a chapter of YouthBuild (education and career training for "at potential" youths). These youths rehabbed two houses into multi-purpose Neighborhood Houses for the (neighboring) City of Palmdale, including an additional building (previously a garage?). Palmdale then donates use of one of these for providing workshops at no charge.





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